Welcome to Wahgwan Industry Limited

Helping businesses, organisations and individuals use technology effectively

Wahgwan Industry Limited is an independent technology company founded in 2016 with the goal of providing the best technical services and solutions for a variety of business needs. We draw on our experiences working with teams developing products, advising on technology strategy and making sense of data. We are located in the Philadelphia area, but we support clients all over the United States.

If you have something on your mind, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

What we offer

Full site auditing

Concerned about security or the overall integrity of your operations? We can provide an unbiased, third-party audit to ensure that everything is thoroughly inspected and documented. Reports can further include recommendations for improvement or used for regulatory compliance purposes.

Technology strategy consulting

Have ideas or confused about technology's roles in your business and organisational goals? We can help you to sift through all the options and the buzzwords to come up with durable, adaptable, compliant and cost-efficient operations. In particular, we support open source tooling when practicable.

Data science
Machine intelligence

Have lots of data but don't know how to make sense of it all? Based on your business and organisational goals, we can help explore what's possible, develop strategy and eventually get answers to your business questions through data.

Product development

Have an idea for a product you want to develop? We can help you go through the entire development cycle, especially focusing on user experience, quality supply chains and technical details. Specific technical expertise include products integrating wireless communications and data collection/analysis.

Computer systems services

Services include backups, equipment installation and servicing, vendor management and open source technology support.

Custom software

Have mission-critical business needs that are not met by what's available? We can help commission the software that will fill that need. We can also support existing in-house software without external support.


No IT department? No problem! We provide that peace of mind with your computing and network infrastructure to allow you to focus on your business. We can also manage your internet presence, as we are also a domain name reseller.


Have in-house people who need to be acquainted with a new way of doing things? Our technical trainings are tailored specifically to your environment to maximise buy-in and usability within the organisation.